World Speech Day
WORLD SPEECH DAY 15 March 2016

World Speech Day is a day dedicated to celebrating speeches and speech making, through a multitude of live speaking events across the globe. These events will take place in schools and colleges, in community halls and university debating chambers, in offices, parliaments, museums and parks - even cafes.

Anyone can speak up on World Speech Day at an event or via RINGS LIVE – Interactive Broadcasting platform. It is inclusive and positive. As a guideline: create a short speech two to three minutes long on a subject you care about, that fits with the overall World Speech Day theme: “Thoughts for a better world”.

It will harness the wisdom of crowds to uncover remarkable ideas from unexpected voices.

It's mobile: mobile phones can be the network as well as the method to promote, record and share WSD speeches – anywhere via RINGS LIVE mobile app

It's super scalable, we can harness existing infrastructures from school rooms to community halls, clubs, theatres, and famous venues such as Westminster, Gettysburg and the Lincoln Memorial - even the stage at Glastonbury.

World Speech Day is a non-profit event